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A Father-Daughter Dance That Will Bring You To Tears


A Father-Daughter Dance That Will Bring You To Tears

Sometimes, all you need is the will. No one understands this better than Darryl Jones, a cancer survivor, who put aside his disability to make his 7-year-old daughter feel like any other young girl eager to participate in a dance recital.

In the video, Darryl is seen performing an unbelievable duet at the recital with his daughter Brooke, entirely on crutches. At first you’ll think he just has a hurt foot or ankle…But as he dances around, you’ll see he only has one leg.

Despite the fact that Darryl lost his right leg to cancer, the father didn’t let that come in the way of participating in the annual father-daughter dance at the Best Dance and Talent Centre in Missouri, US.

This video was recorded by Brooke’s mother Jessica Moody, who posted it on social media. Within days, the video went viral with nearly 6 million views on Facebook.

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