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Bell Biv DeVoe Dropped The Mic Against Pentatonix


Bell Biv DeVoe Dropped The Mic Against Pentatonix

TBS’ “Drop the Mic” pits celebrities against one another, sometimes generations and genres apart. On Tuesday night (Dec. 26), a cappella quartet Pentatonix and old-school hip-hop crew Bell Biv Devoe went head to head in a rap battle that made for a hilarious edition of the show.

The jabs started out with Bell Biv Devoe asserting their staying power as one of the most fundamental R&B groups of the 90’s, letting pop group Pentatonic know, “you got 10 million likes we got 50 million sold.”

Pentatonix rebounded with their own rendition of Bell Biv Devoe’s biggest hit “Posion,” crooning that all of the group’s music was “poison,” and reminding the trio of their age and potential lack of recent relevance.

In the end, the show’s emcee Method Man, who hosts along with model Hailey Baldwin, crowned Bell Div Devoe, justifying his choice by saying that he wants free tickets to their show. This decision seemed to be a point of contention online though, with nearly every comment on the Youtube video claiming PTX got robbed.

Whether or not the final decision was fair, the pairing of BBD and PTX made for a classic pairing of old versus new. Check out the episode below to decide your own winner.


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