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Dad Working 3 Jobs Surprises His Daughter With Dream Dress For School Dance


Dad Working 3 Jobs Surprises His Daughter With Dream Dress For School Dance

We’re just gonna get this out of the way up front: There’s a really good chance you’re going to cry after watching this video.

So get ready to feel all the feelings. A dad surprised his daughter with her dream dress for her school dance, and her reaction will make you cry so many happy tears.

And as if that’s not enough, his reaction to her reaction will make you sob a literal waterfall of additional tears.

A father who works three different jobs wasn’t about to let his daughter’s special eighth grade dance not be perfect.

Apparently, he previously told his young one that he wouldn’t be able to afford the dress she really wanted to wear to the special occasion. That all changed though when she showed up to one of the jobs her dad works at.

Video that’s now going viral on social media shows the dad bringing over a dress bag to his daughter. When he opens it up and she realizes it’s the dress she really wanted, she explodes with happiness (you will too), bursts into tears, and hugs her dad for almost a solid minute. Grab allllll the tissues for this one, folks.

What makes this even sweeter is that instead of looking at the dress, she can’t stop hugging her Dad and crying because she knows how hard he had to work for it and what that means. This is more than a kid getting what they want. It’s a little girl realizing how loved she is.


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