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Marine Surprises His Mom At Family Reunion & It Is EPIC


Marine Surprises His Mom At Family Reunion & It Is EPIC

This mom was hosting a family reunion.

But she didn’t expect her son to attend after being deployed as a Marine.

However, when he walked through the door in his uniform, she completely lost it because it had been two years since she last saw him.

Jumping up and down and on the verge of tears, the joyous moment stunned other party-goers who had no idea the soldier was making the grand entrance.

The emotional video captures the emotional moment the mother and son first embraced after such a long time apart.

The son is seen walking in as one family member notices him first and starts screaming out to him.

Immediately after his mother notices, and in complete shock she starts running up and down the patio.

As they embrace friends can be heard saying: ‘We got you!’ while another person exclaims: ‘your baby is home.’

Mom who was overjoyed to see him yelled out: ‘I ain’t seen him in two years!’


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