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Student Pays Off Grandparents’ Mortgage To Thank Them For Raising Him


Student Pays Off Grandparents’ Mortgage To Thank Them For Raising Him

His friends called him boring, his dates called him cheap. It never mattered to Stefun Darts, who kept his eyes on the prize while he scrimped and saved for the past six years.

Earlier this month, the 24-year-old college student wrote out his very first check and handed it to the grandparents who raised him. He said the $15,000 would pay off their mortgage — and pay for a trip to the Bahamas to help celebrate.

And suddenly, everyone understood why Darts acted like such a homebody.

“I had to sacrifice a lot. Friendships, relationships, going around and partying,” he told, relaying

But Darts said he gladly sacrificed going out with friends so he could either work and make money, or stay home to save it, to reach his goal of helping grandparents “who took me in at a young age.”

Darts, who presented the check to his grandparents during a March 20 surprise party thrown by his family, credits his religious faith for the ability to resist normal youth-related temptations during his late teenage and early adult years.

“I promised God in the second grade I would pay off you guys house and help you retire. A promise I would never break. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched… but are felt by the heart,” Darts wrote in a Facebook caption of a photo that showed him holding an oversized, handmade check and standing between his grandparents.

“Even with this, I could never repay you for what you’ve done for me.”

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