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Which One Is Mom?


Which One Is Mom?

Kaylan Mahomes recently tweeted a selfie, with the caption, “Mom, twin, and me,” and the entire internet simultaneously said “Awwwwww….Wait….Which one is the mom?”

“No, seriously, which one is the mom?”

It has been a question heard ’round the world. Since the photo was posted Jan. 28, it has been re-tweeted nearly 30,000 times and covered by major news outlets far beyond the family’s home.

But the family has welcome internet fame with open arms, creating an Instagram account (@momtwinandme) to keep the guessing game going.

The New York Daily News confirmed that the mom is on the far left. “I am the one in the black blazer on the left,” said mom Tina Brown, 35, told the newspaper. “We didn’t really expect a random picture from when I was picking up the girls from school would lead to all this.”

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